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@whoissri : High Tech Leader at work, Follower of Kids at home, Hoping to make this world a better place in small ways

*You* are special!

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There are two kinds of products and services. There are those that are utilitarian. They solve a problem for us, and we just care if they do the job, and how much they cost. Then there are those that make us feel special.

If the exact same email is sent to everyone, it is not special. If everyone is wearing the same shoe, or reading the same book, it is not special. By definition, it is special, only if I can show (even if to myself) that I am special, because I have your product or your service.

Marketers have known this for a long time. So, this is not a post about marketing.

It is a post about how we come across to those we touch. How often do we meet people in an elevator, or in a shop, just to exchange a generic how-do-you-do? How often do we ask about their new hair, or the raw milk in their cart, or their new job?

I personally have a very poor memory for faces. I know you have two kids the same age as mine, that you have a bully you are dealing with at work, and that you are working on this new exciting project. It is especially hard for me to talk to you about these, till I can match your face to who you are. It is especially easy for me to treat you like one of the crowd – but I don’t want to. This is my new year challenge for myself.


Author: Sri Subramanian (@whosissri)

Sri is a technologist with a point of view, hoping to make this world a better place in small ways. She lives at the intersection of business, technology, and people. Sri is currently Founder of Sri is also responsible for bringing two wonderful girls into this world, and - with ample help from her husband, and family and friends - successfully inserting many non-fun moments (such as brushing teeth) into their lives.

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