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A light moment

This week has been super crazy, and so I thought I would share this actual out of office response. It made me laugh (and also made me glad to see someone able to completely unplug).

Dear Sender,

I’m currently undergoing my regular autumn depression prevention program:

When the world becomes dun, I need a lot of sun, not really a run as well as no gun, when hungry a bun, grinning at a nun, avoiding a hun, but having a beer from a steel tun while playing a xun. Doesn’t this pun sound like fun?

Usually this cannot always be achieved in the office. Therefore I was forced to leave work and get out into the world to enjoy myself. Using my remaining vacation days for 2012 I’m out of the office and not reachable through phone or mail. I will be back on November 22nd, 2012.

In urgent cases please contact <name/email deleted> for Service Provider topics or general escalation and please contact <name/email deleted> for Enterprise topics.

Kind regards

<name deleted>


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The indirect KPI – You

Good work changes status quo. Great work changes it significantly. Sometimes, status quo is revenue numbers. Sometimes, it is people touched. Sometimes, it is just who we are.

Are we a little better, in some way, than we were yesterday? A little kinder. A little more astute. A little better organized. Because, if we are, we are probably changing something more than just ourselves.